Virginia General Assembly Internship Program

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The Virginia General Assembly Internship Program is run each spring semester in conjunction with the annual session of the Virginia General Assembly. The Assembly is considered "the oldest continuous body of representative government in the New World." Approximately twenty-five students are placed with various political actors involved in the state legislative process, including legislators, lobbyists, agency officials, and statewide political figures. During the first half of the semester students work 20 hours per week while the Assembly is in session. Students do such things as legislative research, bill tracking, committee and floor monitoring, and communication tasks. To put their field experiences in academic perspective students are assigned readings, required to keep a journal, and submit a major report at the end of the session. In the post-session part of the course, students meet in weekly seminars, reflecting on their experiences.


Students should have junior or senior class standing, taken PLSC 220, Introduction to American Government or its equivalent, and be able to work 20 hours a week at the capitol while the Assembly is in session. It is advised that students plan on taking four units for the spring semester they intend to do the internship, two units of which would be earned in the internship program.Only currently enrolled University of Richmond students are eligible to apply.


The application and placement process begins in early October. Interested students should submit an application via email to Dr. Dan Palazzolo consisting of:

  • A letter indicating what the student would like to get out of the experience as well as any special circumstances for the the internship coordinator to consider (e.g. party preference, issue and career interests)
  • A resume (for assistance contact Career Services )

Upon submission of an application, students should arrange an appointment for an interview with the intern coordinator.

Learn More From Past Participants

Since the 1970s, hundreds of students have participated in the Virginia General Assembly Internship Program. Learn more about the program as some of them share their experiences.

Virginia Delegate Jennifer McClellan, '94
Jaime Settle, '07
Andrew Ryan, '06
Rachel Garcia, '06
Brian Rothenberg, '06