Study Abroad

Study Abroad for Political Science Majors

Study abroad offers an unparalleled opportunity for political science majors to deepen their understanding of both international and domestic politics. The simple act of living in another country provides insights into the different ways in which governments are organized and exercise power. Moreover, experiencing life in a different political context enables students to explore how individuals in other countries engage with politics and how they perceive their role as citizens. This learning takes the form of observing how people talk about politics, the issues that ignite popular passions and debate, or personal experience with the operation of government agencies and public services. From abroad, students witness the political, economic, and social challenges facing other countries, and they see firsthand how U.S. foreign policy is perceived from abroad.

Therefore, even if your coursework focuses on American politics, a study abroad experience will provide you with a comparative perspective that will enhance your understanding of politics in the United States. For example, through everyday observation, students will understand the differences in political discourse surrounding race, migration and immigration, religion, gender and rights, among others. Moreover, students interested in public policy will benefit from studying how other countries both define and provide public goods and regulate activities inside their territory. Similarly, students interested in American political institutions will find living in another polity particularly enlightening, as they will have the opportunity to observe the effects of different electoral rules or explore the intricacies of a parliamentary system.

Recommended Programs

An increasing number of political science majors are taking advantage of the growing opportunities to study abroad in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The programs suggested below have been chosen by the faculty because they offer particularly good opportunities to explore the study of politics in a formal, academic setting. If you are interested in studying abroad in a country that is not included in our list of recommended programs, please speak with a faculty expert in the Department of Political Science. For information on study abroad, please speak with your advisor and visit the Office of International Education.​


With Department approval (by the Chair), students may transfer credit for up to three courses that count toward the Political Science major. It is often difficult to find equivalent courses abroad, so the Department recommends that students fulfill their 200-level requirements before departing.