Receiving Academic Credit

In the Department of Political Science, students can receive academic credit for their internships as an individual internship (PLSC 388) or as part of the Virginia General Assembly Legislative Internship Program.

Individual Internship (PLSC 388)

Students can receive internship credit when they enroll in the Individual Internship (PLSC 388) and complete a politically relevant internship. In additional to completing the required work hours, students complete assigned readings and written work required by their faculty mentor.

To receive academic credit for an internship, students should secure a faculty mentor and complete the internship contract form , due before the end of the add/drop deadline at the beginning of each semester. The approval of the department chair is required before the student can register for the Individual Internship (PLSC 388).

Students may elect to receive 0.5 or 1 unit for their internship; no more than 1.5 units of internship credit can be taken in the same department.

Virginia General Assembly Internship (PLSC 395)

The University’s close vicinity to the Virginia General Assembly has allowed an expansive internship program to grow and flourish over the last several decades. For more information, please consult the webpage for the Virginia General Assembly Legislative Internship Program. Interested students should consult the Virginia General Assembly Legislative Internship webpage and speak with Dr. Dan Palazzolo.