Planning for Study Abroad

Students interested in studying abroad should speak with the Office of International Education. Additionally, area experts in the Department of Political Science are able to offer advice on particularly strong programs and internship or research opportunities. These experts are:


Dan Chen Asia
Dana El Kurd Middle East/North Africa
Sandra Joireman Sub-Saharan Africa
Jenny Pribble Latin America
Aleksandra Sznajder Lee Europe
Monti Datta International Law and Organizations
Stephen Long Security


With department approval (by the chair), students may transfer credit for up to three courses that count toward the Political Science major. Because it is often difficult to find equivalent courses abroad, the Department recommends that students fulfill their 200-level introductory requirements before departing. Additionally, students should plan on completing Social Science Inquiry (PLSC 270) before the end of their junior year so that they are prepared to sign up for their senior seminar (PLSC 400) in the spring of their junior year.