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Located in a thriving capital city and less than two hours south of Washington, D.C., the University of Richmond is well situated for students interested in securing engaging internship opportunities. Students are encouraged to check out the department's current list of internship opportunities through the CDC's SpiderConnect database.

Individual Internships

Students can receive internship credit when they enroll in PLSC 388 and complete a politically relevant internship, such as working for a state or national legislator, a community organization, or a department, office, or agency that is part of the national, state, or local government in the United States or abroad. In addition to completing the required work hours, students complete assigned readings, write briefs or reviews, keep a journal about their experiences and complete a final paper as required by the supervising professor. Students should complete an intern contract form before beginning an internship.

General Assembly Internships

The University's close vicinity to the Virginia General Assembly has allowed an expansive internship program to grow and flourish over the past several decades. Professors in the department facilitate the Virginia General Assembly Internship Program, placing approximately 25 students each spring in a range of positions that help students better understand the state legislative process.

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