Publishing Research

Publication allows students to share their scholarship with the wider academic community. It is external validation of one’s intellectual accomplishment.

The publication process teaches students how to write for an academic and professional audience, how to think critically about their research, and how to respond to peer-review. Students interested in careers in research, analysis, and academia should strongly consider undergraduate publishing.

There are several undergraduate journals in political science for students who wish to publish their research. Boatwright library maintains a list of undergraduate political science journals  where student authors can submit their work. Students interested in publishing should speak with their professor regarding the most appropriate venues for their papers since their work might also be appropriate for interdisciplinary undergraduate journals.

In addition to publishing solo-authored articles, some students who have worked collaboratively with professors have been able to publish as co-authors with faculty in professional disciplinary journals. Recent student co-authors include:

  • Alexis Cobbs and Dr. Jennifer Bowie, “Jones v. Mississippi on Life Without Parole for Youth Offenders,” SCOTUS 2021: Major Decisions and Developments of the US Supreme Court.
  • Bilyana Petrova and Dr. Aleksandra Sznajder Lee, “Globalization, Political Institutions, and Redistribution in Central Europe,” Comparative Political Studies.
  • Brian Guay and Dr. Jennifer Erkulwater, “Testing the Effectiveness of a Number-Based Classroom Exercise,” PS: Political Science and Politics.