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Dr. Monti  Datta
Dr. Monti Datta
Associate Professor of Political Science

"The Decline of America's Soft Power in the United Nations." International Studies Perspectives. Vol. 10, No. 3, Summer 2009, pp. 265-284.

"Of Paradise, Power, and Pachyderms."  Political Science Quarterly.  Vol. 122, No. 2, Summer 2007, pp.239-256 (with Miroslav Nincic).

"Rationalizing the California Recall."  PS: Political Science Politics, Vol. 37, No. 1, Jan 2004, pp.19-21 (With Walter J. Stone).

Ph.D., University of California at Davis
Contact Information
202-A Weinstein Hall
(804) 289-8531
Areas of Expertise
Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery
Anti-Americanism and perceptions of the United States
The U.S.-European Transatlantic Gap
U.S. policy towards North Korea