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The Department of Political Science offers students the opportunity to learn the critical thinking, analytical, and communicative skills needed for understanding how government and politics function in contemporary and historical contexts.

Department Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's award winners:

Albright Book Award: Meghann Lewis
Albright Scholarship: Jackson Puckey, C.J. Slavin, Jamie Earls, Joanna Hejl, Chris Cassella, Rubble Kazi, and Monty Thorburn
May Evans Scholarship: Lindsey Emery, Lina Tori-Jan, and Camryn Travis
Richmond Award: Claire Comey, Alicia Jiggetts, Meghann Lewis, and Samantha Schwartzkopf
Best Paper in a Senior Seminar: Rob Ryan

Faculty Highlights

  • Joireman Published

    Laura Meitzner Yoder and Sandra F. Joireman recently published "Possession and precedence: Juxtaposing customary and legal events to establish land authority."

  • Bowie Awarded

    Dr. Jennifer Bowie Awarded $144,651 from the National Science Foundation to explore the judicial interactions and relationship between lower court judges and their Supreme Court counterparts in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

  • Joireman Published

    Sandra Joireman recently published "Do Economic Linkages through FDI Lead to Institutional Change? Assessing Outcomes in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan"

  • McGowen Interviewed Dr. Ernest McGowen was interviewed about his latest book which explores how social networks and environment affect political behavior.
  • Joireman Wins Award for Best Paper

    Associate Provost Sandra Joireman has won the Sanjaya Lall Prize from Oxford Development Studies for the best paper published in 2018, for "Protecting future rights for future citizens: children’s property rights in fragile environments."

  • Health Policy

    Rick Mayes worked on Medicaid policy in the White House for George H.W. Bush before his time as a professor of public policy and political science. He can speak to healthcare policy, health insurance, mental health policy, rising pharmaceutical prices, health care consolidation, and clinician burnout.

  • Pribble Grant

    Political science and international studies professor Jennifer Pribble has been awarded  collaborative funding from the University of Costa Rica’s competitive thematic grant program for the project, “Social Policy During Latin America’s Expansionary Phase (2000-2013)."

  • Virginia Government

    Dan Palazzolo is a political scientist and is an expert on Virginia government and politics, campaigns and elections, Congress, and budget policy. His current research examines coalition building in Congress in an era of partisan polarization.

  • Campaigns and Elections

    Ernest McGowen is a political scientist with expertise on voter behavior, political behavior and methodology, campaigns and elections, public opinion, and race and ethnicity.

  • Media and Politics

    Allison Archer is a leadership studies professor with expertise in political communication and political psychology. As a former journalist and political scientist, she is interested in questions regarding the relationship between the media and politics.

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