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The Department of Political Science offers students the opportunity to learn the critical thinking, analytical, and communicative skills needed for understanding how government and politics function in contemporary and historical contexts.

Department Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's award winners:

Albright Book Award: Maria Psarakis
Albright Scholarship: Maddie Bright, Kay Dervishi, Joanna Hejl, Colton Powell, Jackson Puckey, Julia Raimondi
Evans Scholarship: Claudia Ajluni, Chantel Baker, Claire Comey, Shannon Kane, Meghann Lewis
Richmond Award: Byongho Lee

Faculty Highlights

  • McGowen Presentation

    Political science professor Ernest McGowen was one of 100 scholars to present at the Collaborative Multiracial Post-Election Survey (CMPS) Summer Research Workshop and Planning Meeting at UCLA in August. McGowen presented on the effect of suburban residence on black political behavior, using zip code level census data and measures of urbanicity.

  • Dagger Book

    Political science professor Richard Dagger published Playing Fair: Political Obligation and the Problems of Punishment.

  • Joireman Grant

    Dr. Sandra F. Joireman, Associate Provost for Faculty, Weinstein Chair of International Studies, and Professor of Political Science, will be a partner on a grant awarded by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for “Appraising Risk, Past and Present: Interrogating Historical Data to Enhance Understanding of Environmental Crises in the Indian Ocean World.” 

  • Roof Fellowship

    Political Science professor Tracy Roof is the 2018 recipient of the Robert & Elizabeth Dole Archive and Special Collections Research Fellowship.

  • Erkulwater Award

    Political Science professor Jennifer Erkulwater is the recipient of the 2017 Best Paper in Identity Politics Award from the annual Northeastern Political Science Association conference for her paper titled "The Social Security Act and the Origins of Political Identity among People with Disabilities, 1935-1950."

  • Cherry Article

    Political science professor Kevin Cherry published “A Series of Footnotes to Plato's Philosophers” in The Review of Politics.

  • Simon Chapter

    Political science professor Stephen Simon published the chapter “Why Do International Human Rights Matter in American Decision Making?” in Human Rights and Legal Judgments: The American Story.

  • Joireman Article Dr. Sandra Joireman published, “Intergenerational land conflict in northern Uganda: children, customary law and return migration,” in the journal Africa.
  • Joireman Article

    Dr. Sandra Joireman recently published Protecting future rights for future citizens: children’s property rights in fragile environment, in Oxford Development Studies.

  • Pribble Article

    Dr. Jenny Pribble coauthored an opinion piece in The Washington Post on Chile's election of a new president.

Scholarship Repository Readership

The University of Richmond's Scholarship Repository shares faculty publications with a world-wide audience. The map below shows where articles from political science faculty are being read around the globe.

Political Science Feature Stories

Extra encouragementTwo Spiders — a mother and a daughter — saw a need in their community, asked how they could help, and then did.
Faculty and Students Research Kenyan Settlement SchemesPolitical science professor Sandra Joireman and Spatial Analysis Lab director Kim Browne traveled with three student researchers to Kenya, where they worked with the National Land Commission to digitally map Kenyan settlement schemes. Learn more.
People powerAndrea Simpson focuses on African-American politics in her research as a political science professor. During the spring semester, she taught a senior seminar focused on grassroots political and social movements. Read More
Yoo PresentationDaniel Yoo, '18, presented his research, Political Theory, Cities and Statesmen: Aristotelian Regime Inquiry as a Means to Political Justice, at the 2017 Midwest Political Science Association conference.
Carol PresentationBrenden Carol, '17, presented his research, Does it Matter Who Draws the Lines? A Look at Commissions to Combat Gerrymandering and Do They Make a Difference, at the 2017 Midwest Political Science Association conference.

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