Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science

Political science is the empirical and theoretical study of systems of governance and power, political attitudes and behavior, and public policy and law, both abroad and in the United States. The Department of Political Science teaches students the critical thinking, analytical, and communicative skills needed for understanding how governments and politics function in contemporary and historical contexts. Alumni of the department work in fields related to government, public administration, business, law, and policy research and advocacy.


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Shamanic Practices and Environmental Change in Siberia

Mally Stelmaszyk, a post-doctorate researcher at the University of Manchester, explores shamanic practices and their relation to environmental change in Siberia, particularly focusing on the transformative role of sound and music in rituals. Her interests include shamanic practice, sound studies, visual anthropology, post-colonialism, animism, and addiction studies. Stelmaszyk aims to bridge traditional knowledge with scientific approaches to better understand the impact of climate change on indigenous communities in Far Eastern Siberia.
Chris Miller brown bag

Political Science Brown Bag: Violating Norms and Framing Identities:Anti-Democratic Rhetoric in Congressional Communications

As anti-democratic pressures threaten democratic norms worldwide, are they reflected in messaging from Congress?  A content analysis of public statements from lawmakers spanning the 2020 election and 2021 insurrection illuminates unsettling trends.  

Faculty Highlights

Dr. Ernest B. McGowen III
McGowen Awarded

Ernest McGowen, associate professor of political science, was awarded the Distinguished Educator Award at the 5th annual Black Excellence Gala hosted by the University of Richmond Student Center for Equity and Inclusion.

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Dr. Dan Chen
Chen Selected

Dan Chen, associate professor of political science, was selected as a 2024 cohort member of the Next Generation Leader (NGL) by the Committee of 100, a Chinese American group with the dual mission to advance the status of Chinese Americans in the US and to advance constructive US-China relations.

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Dr. Dan Chen
Chen Awarded Tenure and Promotion

Dan Chen was awarded tenure and promotion to associate professor of political science. Chen specializes in authoritarianism in China with four specific areas of inquiry including popular culture, public opinion, news media, and local governance.

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Dr. Aleksandra Sznajder Lee
Sznajder Lee Published

Aleksandra Sznajder Lee, associate professor of political science, published "The Effect of European Integration on Economic Redistribution in Central and Eastern Europe” in European Union Politics

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